Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunny Weather!

The weather has made a sunny turn and as you can see we are taking full advantage of it. It is so great and the boys have such a blast. We hope it sticks around.

Hair Cuts

The boys got haircuts and they always look so grown up...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday!

So for Easter Kyle was on call and at the hosp. all morning but we were still going to get pictures of the boys in their cute Easter outfits from Grammie (thanks so much for their fun surprises!). While we were on the porch Tavin fell into the bushes so even though he doesn't look happy he is still so cute! They were so sweet and loved everything from the jelly bean trail to their Easter Baskets (Williams Tradition, Love it) to the yarn maze to find a gift from mom and dad, more Easter Egg Hunts and a yummy dinner with friends. I know most of you only care about the pic. of the boys so here you go.

Happy Easter! Whew!!! All caught up for now. love ya...

Easter Egg Hunting!

Saturday Fun at Grandma's!

On Saturday we went to Firth to the big Easter Egg Hunt there. It was a blast. They have it broken into age groups and overall for as crazy as they can get, it was great. We then hung out with Grandma and Grandpa. It was so fun because the boys made bread, and grandma made a fruit truck for the boys. A few weekends before she had some of our neices these and they made fruit flowers. They were in heaven. Lins. was there and Natalie and crew came too. It was a party. Jaxon and Porter were MIA most of the afternoon just playing and Lins colored and cut mine and Kyle's hair. Thanks girls. BTW I CANNED!!! Yep Nat, mom and I made Strawberry jam. Thanks for a great weekend!

I forgot little toes!!

I forgot the toes picture!!

Photo Shoot with the Cousins!

For Easter we wanted to get pictures with all the kiddos. Wow to get all the little ones smiling. The little toes are my sweet boys. They are getting so big!!

Swimming Lessons!

So my little swimmer had another session of swim lessons and loved it. At the end on their last day they do this pirate ship thing where they walk across a plank, go through the forest and all these fun things. I think he liked it!!

We are Still Alive and doing well!!

Wow it has been a while since I posted so we are going back a little bit...

In Feb. we went to DC to visit the fam. before Tavin turned 2. What a blast. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge which is a big water park, Disney on Ice, had a bday party for Tav. met up with some cousins and friends and filled each and every hour of the 6 days with things to do. It was great. My Camera was not working so I used my sisters so you will have to use your imagination of how amazing the trip was. Thanks mom and dad!!!