Sunday, June 7, 2009

President Monson!!!

Believe it or not... That is President Monson in the flesh. Not photo shopped nothing!! That is Tyson and my mom and then Ally, Ken, and Tyson. I was the photographer and after a few pictures we didn't want to take all of his time so we don't have any pictures of me with him but still it was amazing!!.

My dad's 1st cousin is married to President Monson's son and their son Tommy just got married. Well last Thursday the Prophet and the rest of the First Presidency had a prayer and temple session for Tegan. I know amazing. With this we really wanted to come and support the family. Not thinking Pres. Monson would be there because of the health of his wife we were shocked when he walked in. He was amazing. So funny and down to earth. My mom was wearing a yellow scarf and he told her it was his favorite color. He was so sweet about little Tegan and told of the strong spirit that was there. It was incredible. He is as perfect as he seems in magazines and on TV. Even better. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful to have been there.