Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy 3 years Tav!!

Where does the time go? I know I am the worst blogger and Kirb. I am so sorry because I know you love to see pics. of the kiddos so I will try and do better. This is Tavin's 3 year old birthday party. He was so sweet and so excited. Can you believe I have a 3 year old. Jax is going to be 7 this year. Time goes way too fast!! For Tav's birthday, we had a few friends and family come. Thanks to all the adults who helped and Jax. and Brev. for being the Officials. Things I love about Tav., he has so much energy and loves any and everything his big brother is doing. His Birthday theme was sports, because that is what he loves. He got a DS from my side of the family so he is loving once again keeping up with Jax. He can play video games better than I can. (I know that is not saying much) I love his long eye lashes and how he still wants to be held and snuggled. I mostly love being his mom and being blessed enough to be apart of all his sweetness.

My neice Evie playing a little Baggo in our sport rotation. She loved this one!!

Skye and Wyatt playing on our minature golf course. (Brevin and Jax were there as officials. They were such great helpers)
Tavin and Kes. so happy together :)

The party animals waiting for "Hot Football" to get started.
The Great Presents of course. the fun part.