Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is in the AIR!!

Here are my sweet boys on Sunday before Christmas. We are in our new Ward and love it. These outfits are from Gramme and Best Buddy Forever. They are for our whole family picture, but we thought we would get a jump start. Wow they are a piece of work that is for sure when it come to taking pics.

This is Tavin opening presents at the Williams Family Christmas Party. We had a great time. It was the first big party in our new house and I think overall I wasn't following people around and everyone did a great job keeping things nice. We had a wonderful time and are so grateful for such wonderful family.

This is our Nativity. A family tradition. It was hilarious as always. Notice the little green elf... Wyatt added his own little flavor which we loved. I loved even more my husband who was the narrator trying to work the Little Elf into the story. We had a great laugh and kids love to get dressed up and play with their cousins.

The Narrator. He did great!

Lots of fun people with plenty of room for everyone. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my house?? It had been great. That is Grandpa and Grandma Williams (Kyle's Dad's Parents). We loved having them come. They are always such great support for all the family festivities.
More people and more fun!! Lots of yummy food and treats.

Our actors and actresses getting ready for the big show.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


So we are officially moved into our new house. It has been such an adventure and I am so grateful to be there. We have had a blast through the whole process. Our contractor has been amazing, subs have done great, and we are so happy. I will post pictures soon once we have settled in. Here are few things we have been up... These are the cuties at swim lessons. Jaxon loves them but Tav... Not so much. He loves the water but listening to the teachers is another story. Now with the snow I think they like the sauna better than lessons.These are our good friends Cooper and Maddy. They did great too.

My brother Tyson and sister Ally just had a little baby boy named Hudson and these were the favors my mom put together for their shower. These are the colors of the nursery. So dang cute and my heck Hudson is so darling with blond hair and so tiny. He was a little over 6 pounds when he was born. Tyson always said some day the boys would out number the girls (He was the only brother with sisters), and he was right.

A little Catch up~!

This is Jaxon after his Harvest Feast at school. Loved it so much.
Photo time with Kenns. These are outfits they were going to wear for Whitney and Treys wedding (It was postponed). Whitney came to town when Tegan had surgery and had a tea party with the kiddos. It was hilarious. You never know what you are going to get. They are so cute.
Grammies mystery dinner. So fun. She blind folded the kiddos and had them taste and guess what they were eating. Jaxon LOVED LOVED it, Kennedy and Tavin just wanted to eat everything. Grammie so so creative and does so many fun things with the kiddos.

More Tav. and Jaxon. Wow, they are a trip!
So dang cute.