Monday, September 21, 2009

Date FUN!

OK, Can you just say future Wedding Video... Tavin and his best little friend Maddy had a little "playdate." Jaxon went to his friends house for a little while so we picked up Mads. and had a blast. We went to McKees to see the animals, then to get ice cream, and then to the park. It was so fun and they were priceless together. I was laughing so hard when they were holding hands, and helping each other on the slide, and just sticking right together the whole time. My camera ran our of batteries at McKees so I didn't get to document the rest of the festivities, but it was darling and we feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives.

Friday, September 18, 2009


HELLO HELLO!!! A real quick little bit of info. A lot of you have asked what can we do, how can we help?? Here is an idea...Any of you who have the time before Tuesday Sept. 22nd to make it to the temple there is a huge effort around the world on my sweet Niece Tegan Salce's behalf. We are trying to get in as many sessions and get her name on as many prayer rolls before her surgery which is set for Sept.22nd in Salt Lake City at the Children's Hospital. Thank you so much to everyone. Lots of Love.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Water Babies!

One last water fun day. Here are the boys running through the fountains. Jax just jumped right in, while Tav was a little hesitant and then just followed big brothers lead. They had a great time and we loved having a little one on one time with Grammie. Thanks mom for a fun day. LOVE YOU.

Tavin is in the red shorts.


Most of you have been following my nieces story and her battle with cancer. We stopped in to see her on our way home from Utah. She was just finishing up her 4 day chemo and was so thrilled to see these boys. She kept rubbing Jaxon's leg and was so excited to have them snuggle up to her. They gave kisses, hugs, and even a few tug of war moments just like when she was home.

She humbles me each and every day. As I watch her and her sweet family go through this trial I feel as though I am learning more about life and how precious it is and to hold tight to every moment with each other. I cherish the moments I get to hold her, paint her nails, put in hair things, and listen to her laugh and cheer when she see us. As she gets ready for this life altering surgery I can only hope and pray when it is all said and done, I will get a lifetime to hold her. I love all my girls up in Utah and wish I could spend more time with them. What great examples they are to all of us. Love you too pieces.

Grammie and Teg. snuggled up. This is how they sleep while in the hospital. My mom loves every second of it and Teg loves to give her tons of kisses good night.
Lots and lots of kisses!
Watching Shrek!


I got the opportunity to head to Denver for a quick trip for a good friends wedding. I stayed with my greatest friend Ally and her sweet family. This is her 9 month old Caleb who was such a trooper with his mommy and I's talks, cooking, walks, and just catching up and sharing mommy stories. It is so crazy to see the chapters in our lives unfold.

Jamie and Kendall. They were so happy and her mom made that beautiful dress. It was so fun to catch up with old but great friends. For some of us it had been over 12 years since we had seen each other.
Debbie and Matt.
Matt and Shelby
A BIG BIG BIG shout out to my great Sister and Brother in law who watched the boys while I was gone. Jaxon wanted to stay and live with Ryker for a year. He told me I could come and visit him. I could hardly get a hug from either of them they had such a blast, swimming, picnicking, going to the park, Cabelas, and the list goes on. Thanks again Meg, love you guys.


There are moments in a marriage when you realize how lucky you are to have each other. This was one of those moments for me with Kyle. He has talked about wanting to take the boys golfing, real golfing not mi nature golfing, for a while. Well Wed. came and he took them to the Shelley course. THEY HAD A BALL!! I think Kyle was so tired after carrying 3 sets of clubs and a 40 pound Tavin through it all, but he made a forever memory with those boys.

1st Day of school!!

Ok so it is true Jaxon is officially in school and looking at that face you can tell he is beyond excited. Mom on the other hand was an emotional basket case. Overall I have recovered but I can't believe he is old enough to be going to school. Kyle wonders what I will do when they go on missions. Lets not even go there right now. He is so sweet and already loves his teacher and has made lots of friends.

This is Tavin wondering when he gets to go to school. He has had an adjustment not having big brother around in the morning but is doing great also.

Island Park Fun!!

We went up to Island Park with the Hawkins crew and had a blast. The weather was so cold but people still got in the water... Jaxon, Isaiah, and that is right my pregnant sister-in-law, who rocked it! It was so much fun.

Here is our little Kenns. So happy to be the flag girl. She clapped so hard for her mommy while Tyson was a nervous hubby.
So so TIRED. He is like his mom who can sleep anywhere. Look at those eye lashes, he will never fully appreciate them.
My determined knee boarder. He was so freezing but kept going until he got up and went for a long ride. Everyone was very impressed him. He was so cute.
The boys up nice and early before anyone else so we went to the fresh water spring to fill up. It was such a nice morning and they loved being the ones to get the water.
More brother fun.

A little shout out to my parents and Uncle Bill and Aunt Peg for getting this amazing getaway. We love it so much up there and are so glad to have a wonderful place to make eternal memories. Love you.