Monday, January 12, 2009


Tav decided he wanted to sleep in bed with Jax. last night... Most big brothers would not let that happen but Jax thought it was so great. I knew it wouldn't last long so I went along with it. About 2 minutes later I heard Jax telling him to get back to bed before he had to go to time out. Tav ended up in his crib but not until I could snap a little picture. Don't they look tired!!??


We had a field trip this morning for pre-school. It was so much fun. We went to this little bakery, had a tour, decorated cookies, and then bought some treats for FHE tonight. It was fun. We have a great group of kids and moms. We have loved it. Tavin came too which he is convinced he is as big as everyone else. Fun Times!!


So Tavin has to do everything his big brother is doing which means when Jax is helping mom cook so does Tavin. Needless to say my mom got Jaxon this matching hat and apron and I don't have one Tavin's size so we made one up. Aren't they cute.??

Monday, January 5, 2009


For all of you Tavin has fooled into thinking he is such an angel, this picture says it all. Heaven forbid he just eat his lunch. As funny as this picture is I left the room for seconds, and came back to this master piece. What a piece of work. Good thing he is so dang cute. It is his only saving grace. I couldn't ask for better boys though, what great blessings they are!!

Sledding Fun with the Kiddos.

We finally went sledding!! It was a blast. Ally and Kennedy came with us. I think for the last couple of weeks I have been telling jaxon that I would take them and I finally did. Kyle went skiing with a few of his friends so I thought we would have our own snow fun. After sledding we went and had hot chocolate. Ally and I had to take turns bringing the sled with the babies backup the hill. They loved it. We were there for over an hour and finally we were so tired of the trek we called it quits. Jaxon got tired too but was such a trooper. He climbed up and down every time.

More New year Fun!

So we had the Munns fam over for the New Years Eve party. We ate yummy snacks, played lots of games, and the kids did a little show for the girls. It was hilarious. You know Tavin is such a copy cat and wants to do EVERYTHING his older brother does.


Brother fun, watching a movie, making thank you letters, and then of course trying on their new masks they got for Christmas. Santa was thinking about when they get to go to the cabin to snow mobile and how the masks help keep their little faces warm. They are so sweet!

New Years Party Time with Fam.!!!

Matching Pajamas from Grammie and grandpa (best buddy forever).

Christmas Eve!!

Well Christmas Eve was so much fun. We went to Firth with Kyle's side of the family... we ate, took pictures, ate, had a great program, ate, opened presents, and then ate some more. It was such a blast. We went to our home for Christmas Eve night, we opened pajamas and then the boys went to bed. Jax put out food for the reindeer and that was all he wanted to check on in the morning. Soon after he realized Santa had brought him a Wii. He was thrilled. The boys didn't wake up until 9 which was killing Kyle and I. We were both so excited. They were a blast. We opened presents, had a really nice breakfast with Tyson, Ally, and Kenny (what they boys call my sweet niece), went to a movie, and didn't finish opening everything until after 8. We played Rock Band, Wii, and just enjoyed being together. It was wonderful.