Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Eve!!

Well Christmas Eve was so much fun. We went to Firth with Kyle's side of the family... we ate, took pictures, ate, had a great program, ate, opened presents, and then ate some more. It was such a blast. We went to our home for Christmas Eve night, we opened pajamas and then the boys went to bed. Jax put out food for the reindeer and that was all he wanted to check on in the morning. Soon after he realized Santa had brought him a Wii. He was thrilled. The boys didn't wake up until 9 which was killing Kyle and I. We were both so excited. They were a blast. We opened presents, had a really nice breakfast with Tyson, Ally, and Kenny (what they boys call my sweet niece), went to a movie, and didn't finish opening everything until after 8. We played Rock Band, Wii, and just enjoyed being together. It was wonderful.

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