Monday, January 5, 2009

Sledding Fun with the Kiddos.

We finally went sledding!! It was a blast. Ally and Kennedy came with us. I think for the last couple of weeks I have been telling jaxon that I would take them and I finally did. Kyle went skiing with a few of his friends so I thought we would have our own snow fun. After sledding we went and had hot chocolate. Ally and I had to take turns bringing the sled with the babies backup the hill. They loved it. We were there for over an hour and finally we were so tired of the trek we called it quits. Jaxon got tired too but was such a trooper. He climbed up and down every time.


Munns Madness said...

Love the pics that was so much fun. We gotta do it again.

Kirby said...

Okay I love that you can still see Tavin´s cheesey ¨cheese¨smile through his creepy, but warm ski mask. But seriously are the boys going to rob a bank after sledding or what? :)