Monday, March 14, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys!!

Remember the good old days of fort building? You know the times of getting every blanket, pillow, any barricade you could possibly find? I am sure you do :) The boys are in that mode. This is under the Foosball table in our playroom. They worked so hard and made such a disaster but I did not care, so when they asked if they could sleep in there I couldn't say no. It was priceless. Kyle and I just watched them sleep and talk about where has the time gone?? They are so grown up and beyond FUN!

This is with the blanket pulled up to see them under the table.

You can see the flashlight they were using for light. It was so dark when we went up there. Once we pulled back the blanket we could see they had created their own lighting system.

Tavin's Birthday

Tavin is 4!!! Can you believe it? I can't. It was too fun! We gave him a tee shirt that said "I Am The Best Big Brother." We had Jaxon read it and waited for him to catch on to the news we were trying to tell him. Jaxon said "But I am the Big Brother." Shelby says, "So if Tav is going to be the big brother then what does that mean?" Jax replies with question in his eyes, "That I am going to be the little brother?" Needless to say we ended up pointing to my tummy and explaining we were going to have a baby and it was another boy. Tav was thrilled, Jax was a little teary as he really wanted a sister, but we are so excited. Baby no. 3 will be here in August. 18 weeks and still sick in the mornings but I seem to be getting better each day.

Tavins birthday was great. He wanted all soccer and thanks to Natalie's amazing cake skills the cake was a hit and my mom had found killer deal on plates and cups!! We had a few friends and family over. He got spoiled rotten as usual. He was so excited about his Spiderman slippers. It was hilarious. He loves sports so much right now and anything his big brother is doing. He makes us laugh all the time because he is so matter of fact about everything. He loves to play outside, and I couldn't love his long eye lashes, sweet kisses, his snuggles in the morning and when he asks kyle or I to "Hold You" melts my heart every time! I feel so blessed to be his mom and to have him in our family.

Jazz Basketball

Jaxon just got done with his Jr. Jazz basketball league. He did awesome!! He is such a good little player and it is so fun to see him learning and getting to be such a great basketball player. Kyle was one of the coaches too which is so fun. These pictures were taken by Tavin by the way :)