Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Island Park Fun!!

We went up to Island Park with the Hawkins crew and had a blast. The weather was so cold but people still got in the water... Jaxon, Isaiah, and that is right my pregnant sister-in-law, who rocked it! It was so much fun.

Here is our little Kenns. So happy to be the flag girl. She clapped so hard for her mommy while Tyson was a nervous hubby.
So so TIRED. He is like his mom who can sleep anywhere. Look at those eye lashes, he will never fully appreciate them.
My determined knee boarder. He was so freezing but kept going until he got up and went for a long ride. Everyone was very impressed him. He was so cute.
The boys up nice and early before anyone else so we went to the fresh water spring to fill up. It was such a nice morning and they loved being the ones to get the water.
More brother fun.

A little shout out to my parents and Uncle Bill and Aunt Peg for getting this amazing getaway. We love it so much up there and are so glad to have a wonderful place to make eternal memories. Love you.

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Kirby said...

So cute, I miss everything!! I wish that last pic wasn't blurry, you need to try it again the next time you are up there...total Kodak moment!