Friday, September 18, 2009


HELLO HELLO!!! A real quick little bit of info. A lot of you have asked what can we do, how can we help?? Here is an idea...Any of you who have the time before Tuesday Sept. 22nd to make it to the temple there is a huge effort around the world on my sweet Niece Tegan Salce's behalf. We are trying to get in as many sessions and get her name on as many prayer rolls before her surgery which is set for Sept.22nd in Salt Lake City at the Children's Hospital. Thank you so much to everyone. Lots of Love.


Scott said...

Good one Shelb, and I of course agree with the tears...I have tears already just thinking about it! I am going to be a total basket case!

Scott said...

That was Kirby..not Scott :)

'T' said...

i'm going. ang and eric we sure are thinking of you both, and of course baby tegan.

carol said...

All of our prayers will be with Tegan and her family, all of you on the 22th. Love Carol, Jim, Jaime, Tyler, Ashtyn, Derek and Liz
Lonnie, Lisa and family
Shelley and family
Barbara and Byron and family
Jason and family
Larry and Crystal and family
Jana and Leroy and family.

Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

Twin Falls temple will be full of prayers for Tegan. THanks for the update.