Monday, December 8, 2008


I am like my parents. For the last coupld of weeks I have used Kris Kringle as a great disciplinary tool. Needless to say when Jaxon was asked what he got in his shoes his first response was, "I didn't get sticks." We have this tradition from when we lived in Germany. You put your shoes out on the 5th of Dec. and if you get treats it means to keep up the good work for Christmas, and if you haven't been good, you get sticks. No sticks at our house this year. We have a few more weeks to use Santa now. We had fun. Tavin was most excited about the treats. These were the new shirts they got. Tavin is in that cheesy grin stage. Every time he sees the camera, that is what you get. They are such a blast and couldn't be more excited about the Holidays. PS They just got haircuts and they look so grown up!!


Tiniel said...

I love those little guys! I stayed at a friend's once who honored this tradition... I woke up and there was this adorable art book in my shoes. I love it Shelb.

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

What a fun tradition! I have never heard of that before, maybe I will have to start it next year! They do look so grown up Shelb! Isn't it crazy what a little hair cut can do. I love Tavyn's picture face!