Sunday, October 11, 2009

House UPDATE!!

Some of you... Mostly Kirby! Have wanted an update on the house so here are a few pics. Here are the boys. They to go over to the house. It is like a little play land outside.

Tavin playing his "Trumpet."

Great Room.
Master Bath.
Sitting nook in the great room. That is going to be the fireplace.
Great room. That closet is the corner pantry where the kitchen in going to be. The door goes out to a covered patio to the backyard.
Formal Living room.
Front Door.
The single garage door. It will be a 3car but the workers were on the other side.
Side view of the house. You can see they have started the siding.
Another side of the garage, they are working on the front with the stucco.

This is the front. You see the guy in the front is one of the stucco guys. They are working fast.
SO what is next. Well the painters start on Monday. It should take about a week. Then we will be putting in the hardwood floors and we are hoping that won't take too long with all the helper we have out there. It is moving right along. We are still looking at December to be moving in which we couldn't be more excited about it. It will be a blast that is for sure. Everyone kept telling me about all these awful stories of building and so far we have been nothing but happy with everything. Kenny and his assistant, Chelsie (Also his wife), our contractors have been nothing but amazing. Can't wait to have some of you over!

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Kirby said...

So I'm thinking that you should just have me move in and I can help you decorate as my rent! There is SO much room, I am loving it. My money is on you being in there by the end of next month, so exciting!!