Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution

WHEW!! So Tavin will be 4 next month and that is around when I last posted anything. I made a New Years Resolution with my sisters/sis in laws that live far away that I would make a valiant effort to post more so they can feel more apart of what is going on. I will do my best. For now here is a little rewind on what has been going on in our lives. It goes from the most present (minus Christmas... those will be coming) to this last summer. Love you all and hope you had a wonderful Holiday and a New year...

Here we go, latest Family Pics.
First Big Idaho Snow storm. The boys had the neighbor kiddos and dads all over to help construct these beauties. They had such a blast and topped it off with some hot chocolate.
I took a flag football team to Tempe Arizona to compete in the Regional Tournament. They did awesome!! To top off the trip I got to spend some time with Kirby and Scott which I love.

She looks so cute. She is due the beginning of Feb. and look so cute. Can't wait to meet this new little guy!!

I wish she lived closer!! We had such a great time! All I wanted to do was sit in the sun. I came from winter wonderland to mid 70's. She was freezing and I was on the porch soaking it all in.

I ran in my first BUT NOT LAST 1/2 Marathon in Boise. What an amazing experience. It was so hard. We had no idea of the hills that were involved. We were standing in line to go to the bathroom before we went and we got chatting with a few guys who were seasoned runners... They asked us how many races we had done and we were like... Um this is our first one... They then went on to ask WHY WE HAD PICKED THIS ONE!!! We were dying. They continues to talk about Big Bertha one of the hills and "Good Luck." There was no going back but we were a little nervous! Either way... I did it!!! not to mention with the greatest friend who we have been through so much together. I wouldn't have picked another person to do it with. Thanks Alish. for another memory in our forever book!!
This was right after we were done.
These were taken right before!!!

Halloween. Tav is Spiderman and Jax is the Hulk. Jaxon wanted to be a baseball player forever and then my Dad asked him one day what he wanted to be and he didn't skip a beat and said "The Hulk" thank goodness for Target and a mom who will get whatever these little guys want to be even if it is to make a pickle costume. They were darling and had a great time.

Tavin's New Little Pre-School Group! They are so much fun and he thinks he is so big to have his own School!!

Another Soccer Season. They both are such great little athletes and love it so much. Yes I am still coaching and loving every minute of it. (Most of the time.)

1st Day of School. Sorry a little out of order but this is my 1st grader! He loves school so much and is so smart.
Blackfoot Fair with Little Miss Tegan. This is my niece who had cancer last year. She is doing so great and it has been so much fun to see her be a little girl again. We took the little munchkins to the Fair and they had a blast.

Williams Family Reunion in Snake River! We ate, played games, horseback riding, slept in tents, laughed, night games, ate some more. Thanks D and T and crew for putting it together. It was perfect.

Bracken... Kyle's youngest brother came home from his mission!! We missed him so much and it has been such a blast having him home. He is attending Idaho State right now too which we love having him close. He is such a great example and the boys idolize him.

Random pic of the boys making cookies. They are such great helpers.
MARYLAND FOR WHITNEYS WEDDING. The boys so tired from all the festivities. We did so much while we were there in August. From Baseball games, shopping, DC sites, Charlotte for the wedding, Manis and Pedis with the girls, late night, fun food, Amusement Parks, amazing Company, and lots of memories... It was AMAZING.
Tav all dressed up for a play they put on. It was hilarious.
Baseball batting cages. Kyle and Tyson took the kids to play miniature golf, batting cages and just fun boy time. They loved it.

Chucky Cheese. The kids LOVE IT!

Nationals Baseball game.
Whitney and Trey's wedding in August. It was in Charlotte and we had a blast there and the wedding was beautiful!
The beautiful Bride!

Tav getting his dance on with his cousin. They were so adorable ALL NIGHT!!
The family of the bride. It was so fun to be all together.


Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Yay shelb, I am so proud of you! way to go on the half marathon! and it looks like you had a great year in recap. Those boys of your are growing up so much it shockes me everytime I see them. Love you!

'T' said...

Shelb, SOOOO fun to see a post! AHOY! I echo your sisters, totally blog this year. How blessed we are. I loved reading about your year. xxx T

The Boyers said...

Good job on the update!!! Look forward to seeing more!!

Katie M. said...

Shelb, loved the post. I guess the pressure is on for me to update now. We love you and your boys so much.

Amanda said...

Ok, it's about time someone posted a picture of Kirby pregnant! Thanks Shelby! Your family is darling and it's good to get an update on your life.

Kirby said...

Shelb love all the pictures!! I look forward to you keeping up with your resolution so I can see those cute boys more. Love, love, love them. And you. :)