Monday, March 14, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys!!

Remember the good old days of fort building? You know the times of getting every blanket, pillow, any barricade you could possibly find? I am sure you do :) The boys are in that mode. This is under the Foosball table in our playroom. They worked so hard and made such a disaster but I did not care, so when they asked if they could sleep in there I couldn't say no. It was priceless. Kyle and I just watched them sleep and talk about where has the time gone?? They are so grown up and beyond FUN!

This is with the blanket pulled up to see them under the table.

You can see the flashlight they were using for light. It was so dark when we went up there. Once we pulled back the blanket we could see they had created their own lighting system.


'T' said...

Ah! Seriously, so cute. Andrea can build some very awesome forts for Eli, she is the master. Love you. Happy Birthday to you, too. xxoo T

Dean Family said...

I have a few tears, because 1) I can't believe your boys are so big 2)I am missing you so much! Sometimes I miss family and friends so much that it almost hurts worse to look at pictures...but I am so grateful for technology! I loved Jaxon's B-Ball pic's and thought I was looking at Braxton for a second! I am sure Jaxon is a natural. He has two very athletic parents, so it is bound to run in both your boys jeans!! I love you and remember that someday our paths will cross again! I wish I could see your beautiful home...I am sure you have it looking so "Shelby"!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

that fort is the cutest thing ever! them sleeping....priceless! hope you are feeling okay, thinking of you!

Kirby said...

Um Yes I remember doing this!! I love the flashlight, genius!!