Saturday, July 11, 2009

House UPDATE!!

They have started framing!! Here is the latest update on the house. They are going crazy over there. It is so fun to look one day and then the next it looks different. We are excited and so far are loving the process. This is the basement.
More basement.

Main floor.
The front of the house.
Side of the house.


'T' said...

oh how fun, it's starting to look like a house! it's been fun to watch it go up.

Lindsay said...

Umm, remember when I visted a couple weeks ago and...umm, it was dirt and weeds? Ya, it's looking awesome!

Heston Williams said...

How exciting

Kirby said...

Wow there is SO much done!!! I am so excited, it is going to be ready for visitors before you know it.

Jennifer said...

Hey Shelby!
I a so excited about your new house! My dad wants to do something for your little niece! What can he do and/or donate? Let me know! I still have the same cell number from when I lived there. Justin has been with my dad all summer up there and loving it! Love and miss you and the boys are so cute!

The Boyers said...

I am so happy for you guys!! You deserve the best! Give Ang, Eric and Tegan my best!