Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flag Football Season!!

Wow, another season down and it was such a blast! Kyle was one of the coaches and even with a few choice boys had a great time being apart of it. Jaxon's good friend Brevin played with him and his dad Bryson was the head coach. Kyle took defense. Adrianne (Bryson's wife) and I were laughing so hard at the beginning watching our little boys score touchdowns, get interceptions and were flag grabbing crazy boys. It was a great experience and we can't wait for next season.

Here is Jax and his number one supporter. Tav wanted to play all the time. If there were any available flags and jerseys you could count on Tav having one on. It was adorable. He loves his big brother so much and wants to do EVERYTHING he is doing!
The SHARKS (That is right, they chose their team name. I think Kyle and Bryson were a little shocked thinking they would have picked an NFL team or college, but nope Sharks we were.)

This is Jaxon and Brevin the MVP's of the team. They did so good. We were very proud of them and all their hard work. We were so sad to see it end.

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Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

Man... I dont even want to think about SKye in flag football...I better face the inevitable.
Cute pictures! Cant wait to see you guys and have Jax ans SKye wrestle!