Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zoo and Museum

This is one of the best parts of this amazing trip. We were able to go to the Zoo and Children's Museum. Wow is all I can say. First a shout out to Alyssa for the hook up getting us in for free and for Drew for hanging in with us All day! We had a blast.

This is Jaxon in the children's museum on stage doing a concert. There were so many rooms and areas for kids. It was so cute. They had costumes, music instruments, a real curtain to pull open and shut, sound system for kids to play like they were singing. It was great.
Here are the boys playing in the motor room. Tav is playing with the HUGE train set. You can't tell from the picture how huge the train set is, and there is Jax in the background driving the bus.
There is a place where the kids can paint their own faces. Notice how great Tavin did? They also had a grocery store where kids could shop or be the cashier. It was so cute. I love to play store... Too bad I won't fit.

What a natural!!

This is a small section of the water room. They had a blast. They could have stayed the whole day. They each had a meltdown after every time we made them move on. 4 Hours later we finally left, but it was incredible.
More Water.
Kyle and Tavin playing in the gadget room.

This is at the zoo which was so fun. They boys loved the petting zoo. They got to comb these goats. I had childhood experiences with a goat eating my favorite necklace and then below you will see the elephants and one time growing up in high school an elephant sneezed all over me. It brought back memories that is for sure!!

So sweet. The love animals so this was a highlight day for the boys.!

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Kirby said...

Wow I remember those animal must still be traumatized!