Monday, August 10, 2009

Jaxon and Mommy. We are having too much fun!
Kyle and Tav.
Kyle crashing Wake boarding. He got so good, he was going across the wakes and back. It was HOT HOT!!
Look how good he looks. So comfortable up there. It was awesome.

This is Kyle and I watching our little boy Jaxon knee boarding. I was so scared at first but Uncle Farris and Aunt Liz talked about Drew and how he was 6 when he started. Jax was hooked. Our cousin Amy was so patient with him in the water teaching him how to do it. Once he got it he was on fire and didn't want to stop. It was so fun.
Great Pic. of the Knee Boarder!! Oh so Happy!

This is Shelby Wake Boarding, That is right Kyle and I are wake boarders. After a long time trying to get up we got it and LOVED it. The Owens Family was so patient with us. We loved it.
My best little guys on the tube. Tavin talked the whole time. It was so sweet. He thought he was so big. Jax just didn't want to fall off. Arianne and I had gone before and had fallen a few times so Jaxon didn't want to go with me at first. Overall it worked out great and they had a blast.

Tavin so tired from all the fun. It was so beautiful there. The water and scenery around us was surreal.
Jaxon and his new best friend Drew. Jax loved Drew so much and Drew was so good with him too.
Tavin and Aunt Liz. They are so sweet


STOwens said...

Man I am jealous....looks like you guys had a great time!!!! I love the water.....I haven't been in it for about 4 years though. Glad you had fun.

The Boyers said...

Looks like you have been having a great summer.

'T' said...

good times!

Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

I WOULD LOVE to wake board! I still have yet to accomplish so.
Great pix! and I think Jax has a new passion! Good luck ever getting him out of the water!

Kirby said...

So much fun!! Those boys are so stinking cute. And I am so impressed at you guys and your skills, I am so not coordinated enough for that!

Krystal said...

How Fun.. you have the cutest family!! We love you guys :)