Monday, August 10, 2009

Swim Fun!

This is Hillary Merkley aka Aunt Hillary to the boys. She is such a good friend and we met up with her to have some fun pool time. Jaxon picked her every time to go down a slide, go eat Watermelon, you name it she was his favorite person. Thanks Hil, for a great time. You might wonder why we don't have any pictures of Tav. well 1st he was never above water for long enough to get a good shot but he was too busy going down the big slides. He wants to be as big as his brother and would have gone down any and all slides if he was tall enough. There were these black hole slides that Hillary and I were scared to go down and he loved them. When we would get to the bottom he would say "More." It was hilarious.
Jax. going down one of the many steep slides and never even being afraid. He had a blast.
Jaxon my super star swimmer. He loves to swim and does so good.
Hillary and I so happy to be together.

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