Monday, August 10, 2009

Coast and Tillmook Cheese Factory

Tillmook Cheese Factory. Look at all that cheese!

Shelby and Drew so excited for Ice Cream

Kyle double fisting the ice cream. I had lemon, blueberry, pie, WOW AMAZING!

I love this picture but I can't get it to rotate. Drew had gotten this headband and Tav wanted to wear it. It was so cute.
Uncle Farris, Jax, and Drew on the boardwalk on the coast.
Jaxon and Tavin having a little ride on the boardwalk.
Any of you who know me and traveling wouldn't expect anything else than me fast asleep! (Wow how many chins do I have!)
Jax sound asleep on his DS as a pillow. You can tell he played hard!
Shelby and Arianne living up the beach life.
Arianne and Tavin having a race on the beach.
Tav giving Arianne a kiss on her nose at Mo's. Kyle and Uncle Farris loved the clam chowder. Everything was so good there.
Any Goonies Fans? This is Hay Stack Rock from that classic.
Kyle and Drew. Oh so Romantic. Look at that view.
Family Pic. on the Beach.
Ready Get Set GO!!
Jaxon creating a master piece.


'T' said...

Darrec and I have walked that beach! Ruth grew up in Astoria and we visited there one Spring Break! Oh I can almost taste the sea air! So jealous! It looks like too much fun.

Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

Seriously? GREAT VA-CA!

Nat said...

Great photos Shelb! I had fun looking at them- looks like you had an absolute blast! What a great memory this will be for your family.

Katie M. said...

What fun pics. Glad you had such a great time!

Munns Madness said...

I love all the pictures It looks like you guys had an awesome vacation. Your boys are so dang cute I love the family picture What a good looking family Love you guys Ally